About Us


At Hamper Heaven, we have three goals: to bring people together; to spark joy; and to deliver quality and value.

We do this by carefully preparing each of our hampers and gifts, with our gifting experts sourcing only quality treats. By hand selecting every item, we can guarantee a personal touch and be sure that you’ll always find a gift that says exactly what you want it to.

Our story

They say it’s the thought that counts, but we believe giving a gift is about much more than that.

When we send a gift, we spark all sorts of emotions. Happiness, elation, joy. We ignite that look on somebody’s face, the one of overwhelming pride and gratitude, the one that says thank you for thinking of me. Because giving a gift is about more than a thought; it’s about communicating, telling somebody you care, demonstrating how you feel. It’s about showing somebody support, congratulating them on an achievement, or picking them up after a tough time. It’s about telling somebody that you care, that they’re important, that they’re valued.

So, yes, we believe gift giving is much more than a thought. And that’s what drives our passion.